The Bachelor Season 14 Episode 11 "Jason and Molly Wedding Special" Preview

Tomorrow on March 8th we finally after two season get to see Jason and Molly tie the knot after two seasons of the Bachelor/Bachelorette just after last weeks episode of The Bachelor where Jake and Vienna announced their engagement during the, "After the Final Rose" episode. I do have to say that I can only begin to image just how many people are going to be tuning in tomorrow to see the most controverisal bachelor tie the knot.

It is hard not to watch however, this show is just a love to hate type show but at the same time its hard not to tune in. In the back of my mind I am hoping she leaves him at the alter, it woudn't be too surprising for this show, but I can't see that happening. Guess I will keep my fingers crossed for the possibility of some drama.

This special is going to be advertised and talked about for quite a few days after. And I am going to love to see what type of wedding these two are going to have. After reading a couple recent articles about Jake and his regret for picking the wild child Vienna. This wedding may be a wake up call for his choice. Lets hope that there wont be a television special for those two. Now thats a wedding I wouldn't want to see happen. Regardless I will be definately tuning in tomorrow for this.


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