Melrose Place Season 1 Episode 17 "Sepulveda" Review

Tonight was a great night of Melrose Place and I really thought there couldn't be a chance it was going to be entertaining since last week's episode was not one to miss. But I was wrong and tonight was full of entertainment and laughs.

I was hoping that Jonah would talk to Riley about how he feels but his actions spoke volumes in this episode on who he truley wants to be with. There are going to be some tough episodes ahead for those two but I am definately rooting for Riley with the new guy! Love friction always makes for great television.

The truth about Miranda has finally been solved as David and Ella break into her office and find her documents on Sidney and the missing painting. This is all leading up to next week which happens to be the season finale! Lauren made a great effort to help get back in David's good graces and I hope the two work it out but I have to only assume that the girl that keeps blackmailing him will definately cause some sort of rift.

And who couldn't help but smile when Ella walked in on the auctioning of Riley to find Jonah bidding in large amounts! Best part of the night!


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Apr 7, 2010 8:28PM EDT

there's only one episode left!!!!!! soo no "tough episodes" unfortunately :( season finale on tuesday!

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