Episode 7

Can anybody please upload the latest episode (7)? I live in Switzerland, and I can't watch ABC or the other American TV channels, because they're blocked for viewers outside the United States. I'd be pleased! Thanks a lot!


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Nov 25, 2008 4:51PM EST

Hi there is Samantha who on from megavideo perfect for watching from the rest of the world :)Still no episode 7 but it should come soon.I just have to ask, why does not sidereel upload megavideo links for Samantha Who, when surfthechannel does???????

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Nov 25, 2008 4:51PM EST

hey, heres the link for nijavideo:
dont know who decided to delete all the other links and leave only the ABC and iTunes ones but hopefully they'll be again soon.

Nov 26, 2008 8:39AM EST

I tried posting it but it won't let me. Here you go:

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Nov 26, 2008 12:21PM EST

Hei du,

Wenn amigs nüt unter sidereel fingsch, chasch o eifach bi google"watch Samantha Who 7" oder so igä u nai fünsch o gschwün a link....Schöns tägli no :)

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Nov 26, 2008 12:28PM EST

I just realized that this site isn't able to show every letters... Anyway, I'll just stick with English then... :)
For those who're waiting for links to be posted: Sometimes it helps to use our old good friend Google. Just look for "Watch samatha Who 7" (sometimes add "watch online"...)
That's what I found within 4 Minutes: :P

So enjoy(someone else from Switzerland) :)

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Nov 26, 2008 1:15PM EST

Hey someone from Switzerland :-D Great :-D Woher chunnsch? Ich wohn ide Noechi vo Frauenfeld!
to the others: thanks a lot for posting the links!

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