Misfits: Is That All?


Misfits is over, already, and I hope Im not the only one truly disappointed by the short lengh season. The series finale, aired yesterday, simply left me needing more. However this is not unfamiliar. The British television industry, despite knowing quality, has yet to admit the need for quantity, and Misfits is another fine example.

Like many residents of the UK I outsource most of my T.V from the USA. And not really by choice. Sadly the States believe in something we don't, Longevity. Its the reason why I grew up watching Star Trek not Doctor Who and how Ricky Gervais' creation The Office became glorious (Thank you NBC). Even E4, (home of Misfits), shows 914 hours of classic NY sitcom Friends a year.

I know its not narrow-minded laziness thats the cause of all this though, its money. Smaller country, smaller seasons, I get it, but when television gold like Misfits gets 6 episodes and logic smashing equivalent Heroes (Sorry NBC, you lost me) gets 22; can a man be blamed for seeing red?

Still, short or not its worth it. If you liked the first season of heroes, and your not offended by the British working class watch it. If you do like it why stop there? Check out some of our understated comedies like The IT Crowd or The Mighty Boosh see how they feel.


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Dec 19, 2009 5:06AM EST

No there is going to be another series :D

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