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what happened?

what happened? why do we suddenly have no more megavideo links? those were the best ones usually.


| 20:51 EDT, 08 Apr, 2010
The only problems I find with mega video is those links which are put up BEFORE the show airs. If you check the links that are claiming that mega video has taken down they are all there to advertise their own site. I cannot speak for all of the other sites, but I watch almost all of my programs through Mega video because it is a trusted site. Whenever I go else where (except wisevid and Zshare) I seem to pick up a virus. Don't believe me? Look at tomorrow's schedule links. They are already there!
| 04:43 EST, 12 Feb, 2010
I asked in the faq section and it seems that megavideo is having issues, so people are having trouble uploading things. so we'll have mv links back whenever the mv uploading problem is resolved.
| 01:46 EST, 12 Feb, 2010
I know what you mean I'm in Costa Rica myself and have the same problem especially with zshare but i have found that there are a couple of others that work like i said in the first post and only take about 30 to 40 mins, but i want megavideo back to.
| 22:56 EST, 11 Feb, 2010
I was wondering about the megavideo links because the other common flash plays (zshare and wisevid) generally take 2-3 HOURS to load a 40 minute episode, whereas I can watch the episode on megavideo as it loads because it actually loads faster than it plays. It's really annoying since I'm in Korea so it's not like I can just choose to watch the shows on tv instead
| 20:44 EST, 11 Feb, 2010
Good question, it seams that the megavideo links now show up after two days, if you look NCIS from Tuesday did not have links yesterday but do today. I would like to know why as well, but till they fix it you can watch the DivxDen the last of the 2 or 3 links is usally Flash and will let you down load and then watch.

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