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Well, Losties, what a tremendous and bountiful episode we were given this week. A truly classic episode that has been fruitful of answers, extreme character development and also some delicious teasers! A super Sawyer-centric tale this week before the mid-season gap and honestly people I can only believe it is going to get better.

The time travel was a little easier on us this week but I'm sure you're a seasoned Lost fan by now and can easily piece together a time puzzle when presented with one. Our opening is back when Locke falls down the well of Destiny and becomes trapped and turns the Donkey wheel. Richard has told Locke before that he was the one who had to turn the wheel and it seems he was successful in his mission that the time-skipping has stopped. But before Locke turns the wheel I have to say I had goose-bumps going up and down my arm when we see the statue from the end of season two in its entirety. But then vanishes in the time-skip, what a tease!

The opening ends as some Dharma guys in the Flame station see our old friend Horace drunk as a skunk throwing dynamite through the sonic fence.....soo dangerous! Anyways, our Dharma friends are worried and race to tell this LaFleur character about it. The tension builds as they knock his door and but who should answer it? Sawyer. Let the story begin.

This episode takes us between the beginning and end of the three year time period that we are used to jumping in between and it shows us what our survivors have done since the Oceanic Six returned to the real world. But I'll take it we have all seen the episode so we know that the story jumps on the island from 1974 to 1977.

In 1974 our survivors have decided that they will wait at the beach for Locke's return. Simple enough plan, but on their way back they stumble upon an execution happening. Sawyer the Sheriff steps up and kills (with the help of Deputy Juliet) the attackers. They themselves figure out it's in the 70's or 80's due to the Dharma suit the unfortunate Paul is wearing. He is unfortunate as he is dead. The rescued woman, Amy, is Dharma too and tells us viewers something nice about the Dharma years on the island. The Hostiles and the Dharma Initiative had formed a truce of 'live and let live' which had now been broken with Paul's death and two Hostiles deaths. Our survivors bury the bodies and Amy is leading them back to the Barracks but traps them by letting the sonic fence knock them out. Probably pretty standard security as she knows they're not Dharma and Sawyer's lie about being shipwrecked is doubtful to her.

In 1977 we have Sawyer's lie being fulfilled. He is known as LaFleur and works with the Dharma Initiative as he delivers a drunken Horace back to Amy, who in turn is about to deliver something herself. She is pregnant with Horace's baby and they got into a fight about Paul (who we know from earlier was her husband three years ago) which led to Horace's drinking binge with the dynamite. Suddenly Amy goes into labour prematurely and requires an emergency C-section and we all know that pregnant women should not give birth on the island. I think the Dharma Initiative knows this too as the on-camp doctor doesn't know how to deliver babies and says that they are all born off the island, but Amy doesn't have that luxury. LaFleur gets all responsible and Sheriff-like again and dashes to get Juliet, who now seems a competent mechanic, to help. As Juliet helps Amy, Jin comes along, who now speaks excellent English, and we know that he has been searching the island for Locke's return.

In 1974, Sawyer awakes to continue his lie that he and his team were shipwrecked. I liked this bit as we see his natural con-artist abilities let affluent lies spill off his tongue. Quite clever given the time he had to make it up!

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Mar 12, 2009 1:19PM EDT

Sawyer's smile is like nothing else in this world. I melt every time I see him.

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