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Not long to go until the finale of the season so I feel this week the writers almost let us catch our breath before the triumphant finish to the roller-coaster ride that is season 5 of Lost. Some of you may not feel this, but I thought last night's offering was slightly more on the drama/emotional lines than the twisting fast-pace story of previous weeks. So how do we slow the story and get emotions across? Simple answer. Make a Kate story.

In the opening I was very excited as we last left the island in 1977 after Sayid, the trained soldier remember, shot young Benjamin Linus in the chest with a Glock 17! To begin we have Jin being awoken and seeing the boy's strewn body lying in the dirt of the jungle. Many of us asked 'Could he be dead?' and surely we see he is not. So a trained soldier at near point blank range was unable to get a kill shot for a young boy? Who cares how he missed. If we wanted things to make sense would we really be fans of this show?!? Jin grabs young Ben and tumbles him into the cozy VW van for a trip back to the Barracks..."Warp speed Mr Sulu!" (That was not a racist comment as I do realise that Jin is Korean and Sulu was Japanese...it was just a sci-fi quote!)

Alas, dear friends, I digress. Kate's story really starts with her realisation of Ben's presence in 1977 as a young boy after meeting with Roger, his father. I never warmed to Roger before as he was a drinker...and a fiend (Dark Knight quote), but this episode we did see him as a worried parent that paralleled Kate's maternal instincts for Aaron. And later on for Ben. In her flashback/flashforward (It's in her past but also thirty years in her future) we have Kate fulfilling her promise to Sawyer before he leapt off the helicopter at the end of season four. She goes to see Cassidy, the trainee con-artist, who was also the mother to Clementine, Sawyer's little girl. There was a great bond of trust between Cassidy and Kate as the story of the Oceanic Six was completely thrown out the window as she tells Cassidy what has happened to Sawyer. Cassidy creates a new bond of trust by founding the 'Women who have been broken-hearted by Sawyer' club as they discuss him and Cassidy tries to tell Kate how he has probably conned her by making her think he jumped off that helicopter for heroic and gallant reasons, but really he did it for cowardly ones. That he was afraid of what would happen if he didn't. That he would be back in the real world as a father and lousy boyfriend to Kate. Cassidy and Kate are both new mothers now but Cassidy sees that Kate is not the biological mother of Aaron, but that doesn't mean she can't be one for him.

Getting back to the island in 1977 though (the exciting bits), LaFleur has his hands full with damage control from the break-out by Sayid and Ben. His little world is unraveling fast with what is happening, but that isn't all too important to him when Juliet says that Ben needs a proper surgeon. As Sawyer has inside knowledge that the best surgeon on the east-coast of the USA is on the island with them. After last week I was certain, as all you were, that the only two people who could save Ben were going to be Jack or Jacob. My instincts were telling me that Jack would do it, so much to my surprise when Sawyer tells Jack that they need him in the O.R stat, he refuses! I was quite taken aback by this but then I saw the change in Jack that we have seen during this season that he is now believing in the island and becoming a man of faith, quite different to him being the man of science. I say this as during Kate's second time of telling Jack to save Ben's life with this surgical wizardry, he refers to the island as a living entity with sincerity instead of him saying in it in a way to mock Locke.

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