Dollhouse Review - 1.04 'Gray Hour' Part 2

As I said at the start, the show is getting into motion now but still all I have read is about that the show is having to avoid cancellation before it has really had a chance to shine. I hope ye faithful viewers like myself don't pander to the hype and watch the show with the excitement and thirst for mystery solving as I do. I think it has so much to offer and can add plenty to the sci-fi shows that already exist. And with the storyline leading us each week down the rabbit hole of mystery, viewers will not be disappointed at the end of the 17 episodes. Please don't let this be another Firefly.

Ok, I shall leave you there for now and sorry if I didn't mention anything about Agent Ballard this week but I felt his storyline was just trundling along and will get flowing soon. We just really had him come out of hospital and Victor feeding him more lines. But the only interesting thing was the phone call Miss DeWitt received from her elusive boss....who wants Ballard out of sight and out of mind. OOOh, that would be a good twist! Agent Ballard getting wiped and made into an active. Or do they have to be willing first of all like Echo was?

See you all soon....


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