Lost Review 5.09 - 'Namaste' Part 1 - Featured

And Namaste to you all! Two weeks of a break but our show comes back as strong as ever. As we had to wait two weeks for answers and development in our show, I feel we were offered a 'no fuss, no wait' style episode with questions being answered straight off the bat which is always satisfying for a knowledge hungry fan like myself.

To kick-off, it explains the teleportation right away. Well, not the teleportation from the Ajeira flight, but at least the answer that the passengers apart from Jack, Hurley, Kate and Sayid are in 2007 on the second island. Yes, after we see the Ajeira plane land as best as Frank could get it and they notice four people missing, it just quickly flashes up 'Thirty years earlier' leading to our reunion scene at North Point so as there is no dwindling answer that the rest of the Ajeira passengers are still in 2007.

In 1977, the writers use the old faithful tool of Hurley asking the questions or making comments as the audience in order to get things moving quickly and not having to write larger scenes for our characters to figure things out. He asks the questions about when and where they are so Lafleur/Sawyer can get an explanation in. I got quite excited when Jack tells Jin that Sun was on the plane too and he springs into action saying that he is going to see Radzinsky! Remember him? He was like Desmond's 'grandfather' of the Hatch. I thought maybe Jin was going to the Swan station to see him but Radzinsky is at the Flame station still building a model of it. <Pause> Ah, I'm back. Just had a quick look at the episode 3.03- 'Orientation' to see the date the orientation film about the Swan was made and it was in 1980. So we know now that the Swan is built and the 'incident' with the electromagnetism happens between then.

I was questioning last time with you whether James Ford will still remain LaFleur or go back to his Sawyer ways with the return of his fellow 815 survivors and I think this episode deals with it quite well. LaFleur is back at the barracks being pro-active quickly putting a plan together of how to get Jack, Hurley and Kate (JHK) to safety. This was a good scene for me as the look on Juliet's face says it all when LaFleur informs her that JHK are back. It was almost like the happiness of how she feels about her current situation just vanishes. She probably had to live in Sawyer's memory of Kate for a long while as her relationship with LaFleur grew and when she hears Kate has returned, Juliet knows that her settled life of content is in dire jeopardy. Sidebar: Amy's baby is Ethan, how cool! Again, that question was answered quickly without fuss.

Speaking of jeopardy, our question of where Sayid is during all this is answered. Unluckily he trips an alarm and is apprehended by Jin and must be considered a Hostile as Radzinsky is with him so Sayid has become a bit of a problem as he is not part of LaFleur's excellent plan of faking JHK's identity to become Dharma Initiative recruits. The next scenes of the plan are rather delicious! Pierre Chang himself in inducting the great spinal surgeon Dr Jack Shepherd as a lowly Workman on the island;

Jack: "What is a Workman?"

Chang : " It's basically janitor work around the island. From your aptitude score it seems the role best suited for you."

Kate, however, doesn't get such a smooth transition. She is left last and Phil the Dharma guy gets very suspicious when Kate does not appear on his list and flops about the question of who her recruiter was. Juliet steps in then and explains that she is and there was an administration mix up. A lovely bitchy move from Juliet which is her marking her territory showing who is the boss in 1977 and that she is not pleased Miss Austen is there.

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