**spoilers included*** Lost season 5 premiere. Time travel explained....sort of!

Well Losties, it has been a long wait but our crazy island show has returned and I'm sure by now all dedicated fans should have some sort of honorary Quantum Physics degrees by now from figuring the theory of 'string' time travel.

The show's producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindeloff had said last season that they are always trying to create new ways of telling the story of Lost (and it's time skips) in different ways. From the beginning we had flashbacks to our characters lives, then flash forwards of what is to come. We even had a fantastic method in the episode The Constant where we would see Desmond mentally move back and forth from present to past and it was superbly told in a way that enthralled us.

Season 5 has now laid the basis of the story that the two time periods focused on this season will be three years after the Oceanic 6 got off the island and the reoccuring time changes on the island. We are told this as Ben and Jack are talking in the motel:-

Jack : "What has happened to the rest of them over the past three years?"

Ben : "You mean he didn't tell you?"

Jack : (dramatic pause) "....no"

Ben : (longer dramatic pause) ".....then I guess we'll never know"

This season will be the journey and struggle of our characters being reunited. Some are on the island battling time skips and the perils and enemies therein (the Dharma Initiative of the past), and three years ahead it will be the 6's plus Ben and (dead?) Locke returning to the island....but at what point in time they will return is still unclear.

The survivors on the island are now reunited with Locke (alive) at the end of episode 2, so hopefully that storyline will continue by developing the survivors relationship with the Hostiles (Others). Could it be that all along the Hostiles on the island were the future survivors of Oceanic 815?? I think so. And I think we'll see Ben as a child more and his role growing up to deceive the Dharma Initiative.Three years ahead, Hurley has jepordised the mission to return back to the island by giving himself up to the police and Ben has only 70 hours to get ready fot the return.

The woman in the old church has found a way to get them back. She obviously has some sort of connection to the energy that gives the island the ability to move through time. This will be revealed but REMEMBER, we have seen her before when Desmond's flashs were explained. She was the woman who would not sell him the engagement ring to Penny and explained to him that time cannot be changed, what will happen will happen and she has correlated when and where the island will be to send them back to.

Well that is my view on the new premiere. Feel free to comment and discuss as all opinions are welcome. I'm just happy the show is back to pickle our brains once more.

See you on the island.....




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Jan 22, 2009 9:24AM EST

Hhmm...the concept that the Hostiles are the future survivors of Oceanic 815-it fits like a puzzle piece, or should I say more like a Rubik's cube. I vaguely remember the scene of Desmond and the ring, but not enough to put it in context, do you remember which ep it was?

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Jan 22, 2009 9:53AM EST

it was a season 3, episode 8 : Flashes before your eyes. When they explain why desmond can see flashes of the future. He is determined to change the past and marry Penny and this woman explains his fate and the fate of others cannot be changed. E.g, the scaffolding falls on the man outside the ring shop and she says it could not have been prevented and all things in time have a destiny. Yep, definate 'string' theory!!

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Jan 23, 2009 9:51AM EST

I don't think the Others are future survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. None of them seem to fit, like I can't see any of them being a future Jack, Kate, Sawyer, etc. My question is; 3 years has passed since the Oceanic 6 have gotten off the island, so, for the people left on the island (Sawyer, Julliete, etc) is this while they are time traveling? They're time traveling all three years? I guess it would have to be... Now all they need to do is go back in time, save Charlie and I'll be happy :D

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