Brothers & Sisters Season 4 Episode 24 "On The Road Again" Review SEASON FINALE

Well this season finale of Brothers & Sisters was nothing short of absolutely amazing, captivating, and emotional. The story lines were well thought out, the show was arranged perfectly and the ending left you absolutely breathless.

The show started off at a slow go showing us Sara sulking over the loss of her job, Rebecca and Justin arguing about her accepting the job offer and Sal considering an AIDS test since he has never had one. Just over half way through the episode we find out the secret to Narrow Lake after Nora through more money out for more drilling. The drilled and found a tap to a mass area of water. Money problems over with! Robert also decides to confess to Kittie about what he has been hiding after he gets hospitalized with his heart again.

The last part of the episode all the family is heading from the cabin heading home when a huge accident occurs involving everyone in the family with the exception of Justin and Rebecca that show up at the scene. Nora, Kevin and Sara look fine, Sal is bleeding and freaks out so that no one touches him because he obvioulsy is positive despite telling Nora the tests came back negative. Scotty looks hurt but will survive the injuries. Kittie and Robert are hit by the truck and it looks like we say goodbye to Robert. He dies tonight in the SUV telling Kittie he loves her. Very emotional indeed. And that leaves Holly. Justin tries to keep her alive but are yet to know her condition.

My heart was pounding outside my chest watching the ending to this season finale. I found it hard to breathe. This show just never fails to impress me. I hope it sticks around for many seasons to come!


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