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Alrighty-roo. Six episodes in the bag and we can safely say the show and intriguing storyline is in full swing! The pace is hot and the layers of mystery and deception are piling high. This episode really shows us the Dollhouse's place in the world. From the opening and throughout the episode we hear the common man's (and woman's) view of what the elusive Dollhouse means to them. Do people think it's right? What would they use it for? Outright the news reporter tells us that it is not as secretive as I, or you perhaps, had thought it was. It is somewhat an urban myth like alligators in the sewers or eating carrots help you see in the dark and surprisingly it has been lurking in the background since the 80's like Elizabeth Shue.

Well, the police don't chase rumours but unfortunately for Miss DeWitt our dedicated Agent Ballard is so close to the case he can almost smell the shampoo on Echo's head. Unluckily, things aren't going to well in the Dollhouse itself with some wrong-doing and naughty behaviour from Victor it seems. Echo decides to share with us that Sierra cries at night and she screams when Victor touches her. Something fishy? After a quick check by Dr Saunders it would appear that Sierra has been having sex and Victor is the prime candidate as he likes to 'play husband and wife'. Poor Victor, bad time for him to be having urges of matrimony and erections in the showers but Langton isn't convinced. Surely if the whole place is under microscoped monitoring by the technicians and doctors, how could any two people be nipping off for a quick one in the broom closet?

Echo's assignment this week? Be a wife. After I finish this I will have to print off a former review of mine, put some mustard on it and eat those words as I dared to shun Eliza Dushku's acting range. She was quite funny and natural as Rebecca, the wife of dot-com millionaire John Miner. Stroke of luck finally for good ol' Paul as he hits the motherload and actually sees Caroline/Echo with him! Jackpot, baby. This millionaire has some bodyguards though and distract Ballard with a taser enough for Langton to pull Echo out of there. Phew, close one for Echo as I doubt her imprint had kung-fu skills this time. We hear Miner's story of why he uses the Dollhouse and it is quite sentimental but at the end of the day it still boils down to prostitution in the FBI agent's mind. He does get a lot out of Miner other than questions about his desire to uncover the Dollhouse. Hopefully there will be a great explanation to why he is so dedicated to his cause. Hopefully it will be soon.

Back in the Dollhouse, Sierra's sex predator is revealed by Langton as Hearn and he is sent straight to the principal's office. Miss DeWitt has finally had it with the meddlesome Agent Ballard and breaks out the fine china by sending Echo (a feisty, fighty, furied Echo) after him. A showdown we have all been waiting for. Since episode 1.01 I've always thought of Ballards neighbour Mellie as a bit of a stalker, but after the Russian guy turning out to be Victor, I was starting to wonder about her too. Was she an active or an obsessive neighbour who waited for him to come home and give him leftover lasagna. If you lived on your own would you really cook that much lasagna? Anyways, every stalker has their day it seems as Mellie manages to get Ballard into bed under the premise of being neighbourly. Is that what kids are calling it these days?!? Post-coitus chat about the Dollhouse doesn't go unnoticed by Miss DeWitt (as she has him under video surveillance apparently!) and Mellie is being targeted by Hearn the sex pest, whilst Echo deals with Ballard.

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Mar 24, 2009 5:54AM EDT

Honestly, I have been SO on the edge with this show. I haven't really been liking it much, but this episode was awesome! It's exactly the "grab you, and shake you" kind of TV that I really like. Up until now it's been pretty typical with spoon feeding us the details, and the overt "being cool" that it has made me kind of sad to see Joss Whedon's name on it. This episode has given me hope, and honestly will keep me watching for a while. Please give us more of this.

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