Featured Lost Review: 5.05 This Place Is Death, Part 2

Charlotte unfortunately perishes to the overstrain of the time-skips but I have to say in a very undramatic scene unlike the style of Lost so I'm thinking the character is not gone yet. As we all know, if you are dead on Lost, it doesn't mean you're gone!

Coming to the end of this week, we have Locke reach his Well Of Destiny. He starts the beginning of his end and clambers down the rope towards the wheel that can move the island, travel in time and bring back the Oceanic Six. In a very nice scene we have a time-skip (how many skips were there this episode?!?) whilst Locke is on the rope. I felt a bit of fear and dread when we see Sawyer holding a rope that now is threaded into the earth showing us that Locke is buried under the soil and now there really no going back. I have a great fear of being buried alive but I thought this was shot very well.

Finally in the closing stages we have another cameo by Jack's dad. Ok, I'll only be guessing if I said I knew how he was doing his disappearing and reappearing in strange places but I think we know it has to do with time travel so let's wait and see. He advises Locke on the last part of his quest and lo and behold....he is sent to see Mrs Hawking too. She is a very popular lady at the minute. We find out her name is Eloise which confirms the connection to Farraday and practically answers the question of who Daniel's mom is before Desmond can make his appearance. Yes, back in LA, Ben gives Sun the proof she needs that Jin is alive and she agrees to follow Ben back to the island. And as I said, Desmond arrives at his destination of finding Farraday's mother and enters the Church to find the answers to his vision/memory/dream thing. I thought this part was very rushed but no doubt will be the main focus of next week's episode. And still we have to see how the rest of the Oceanic Six will get back. Mrs Hawking mentioned that when she said 'This will do....for now'.

To sum up, all in all I thought it was a basic plot-vehicle style of episode this week but at least it is now out of the way and the rest of the rollercoaster can begin!!


- Is Jacob the smoke monster? Or could it be Christian Shepherd?

- Is this the end of Charlotte?

- How will Sayid, Kate, Aaron and Hurley return to the island?

See y'all on the island next week....


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