Featured Lost Review: 5.05 This Place Is Death, Part 1

Well Losties, I have said for weeks now that the show was moving at an incredible fast pace with time-skipping, many answers being found and new questions being presented to us... but I guess this episode has put the brakes on slightly. Not much happened this week, a bit of plot set-up as we see all our characters reach the destinations they have been moving towards since the beginning of season 5.

It opens three years ahead with the Oceanic six (apart from Hurley) on the dock where we left last week in suspense of Sun ready to exact her fury on Ben. Some of you may have already seen this scene in a promo, but for us that didn't, Ben halts Sun's rage (and trigger finger) by saying that Jin is alive...and he can prove it. Oooh, the drama.

But moving along, we have a scene with the man we missed so much, Jin himself. He is back in 1988 (good times) with the fateful French expedition that arrived on the island because they were following the strange transmission of the numbers. Jin is slightly confused when Danielle says it is 1988 but still says he has to find his camp. Maybe there was a language breakdown as surely he must realise his camp doesn't get built on the island till 2004 but the Frenchies persuade Jin to take them to the radio tower that is broadcasting the transmission. I think it will be interesting to find out why the numbers were even being broadcast in the first place and who is sending the message. Probably Richard to be honest. Just taking a sidebar here, don't you love the way sometimes Lost is not in English?!? We're about ten minutes into the episode and so far we have heard Sun talk Korean on the phone and a bunch of french people talking in the jungle. I think it really is a multi-cultural programme that can get away with this kind of attention to detail without losing audience focus.

During their trek we now have a reappearance of our friend the Smoke Monster who swiftly deals with Nadine from the expedition in good old 'throw you up in a tree' style fashion and then it turns it's attention to Robert (the father of Daniele's baby). This scene was very interesting as the French have found the Temple. It has been mentioned before by Ben as a sanctuary for the Others and now we have to ask 'Does the Smoke Monster live there too?'. It does not kill Robert allowing the rest of the team, except Danielle, to follow in after him. We have a quick little time skip where we see something that I personally always wanted to see. Apart from Jin getting water for his dried lips, it shows Danielle killing her team. I don't mean that in a morbid way, but I just wanted to know where they were on the island why she had all the paranoia about people getting sick. Something I REALLY hope it develops is what happened to Robert and the team when they went inside the Temple (sorry, if that was the the Temple. I may be wrong). Robert says to her that the smoke is a security system protecting the Temple. Ah, I hear you cry, the smoke obviously spoke to him. Very interesting. Is the Smoke Monster really Jacob?

The episode trundles along with character catch-up. Locke explains his Orchid theory to Jin and 3 years ahead with the Oceanic Six, Ben is taking Sun to see Mrs Hawking. Though quite undramatically, Charlotte confesses everything on her death bed (or the rock that she is lying on). She gives us the answers to where she came from. That in fact she was a Dharma girl raised on the island but left with her mother never to return as warned by the 'Crazy man' who scared her when she was little. She says she thinks it was Daniel and we know it was. Not a big surprise there as we already know that Daniel was there when the Orchid was developed.

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Default avatar cat
Feb 12, 2009 7:56PM EST

Great review. Except the guy that was pulled down the hole wasn't Robert [as is evident as he has both his hands when he tries to kill Danielle]. I don't think that Charlotte was a Dharma girl but rather an island native...and I think that Daniel was time travelling trying to stop the Dharma initiative from ever finding that time travel island moving thingie. I thought the conclusion was pretty good even though i suspected Ms. Hawkings was Daniel's mother from ep. 1. Will Sun get to take her daughter back with her?? And what about Desmond?? Does the fact that he is there mean that he has to go back as well? That won't go down so well with Penny...but as I have a lurking suspicion that Ben is going to bump her off and then run off to the island I guess Desmond will have to follow to extract his revenge.
im kinda of thrown off by the whole Dr. Shepherd/Jacob thing. We know he is dead but he "speaks for" Jacob so is he the smoke monster pretending to be Dr. Shepherd like it pretended to be Mr. Eko's brother?[and the plot thickens!!!]
all in all it was a gr8 episode...and this review was good 2...much better than the one on msn.com....where it is revealed why people who haven't watched Lost from Season 1 should not write reviews on it! For a good laugh see
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Default avatar cat
Feb 13, 2009 8:31PM EST

Charlotte said she was part of the Dharma thing...

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