Wrong Episode... and bad links.

Most of the links for Episode 8 "Doped" say they are for the episode "Boy Gone Astray", and not "Doped". Although these two episodes were shown on the same night, they are not the same episode at all. "Boy Gone Astray" is Episode 7 and "Doped" is Episode 8. All of the links for Episode 8 "Doped" should be for "Doped" since these links are supposed to be for Episode 8.

Also... most of the links here that say they are for "Boy Gone Astray" don't even go to that episode... they go to something completely unrelated to Law & Order, some sort of "Merlin" video. So, not only are these entirely the wrong episode, but they also don't even go to the wrong episode they claim they should go to or anything related to Law and Order! So... two mistakes in one... very confusing! And I'm fairly sure that there isn't a single link here that actually goes to Episode 8 "Doped".

Could someone please post an actual link to Law and Order Season 20 Episode 8 "Doped". I would really really appreciate it! Thank you!!! :)



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Nov 7, 2009 12:56PM EST

Thank you bubbleteagirl for your posting. I also reported the false links to sidereel and they are still posted.

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Nov 7, 2009 3:57PM EST

I'm pretty sure that "Doped" hasn't aired yet? That "Boy Gone Astray" was the one that aired last night?

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Nov 8, 2009 12:36PM EST

watch-series.com i just watched it

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