What happened?

WB is freakin' crazy. What the hell is the matter with them?!?!?!?!?!


| 01:37 EDT, 19 Aug, 2008
I feel like between now and next summer other big releases that have not yet been announced will end up inhabiting the same slot. The cPotter movies have done well, but I don't think they're such a guaranteed #1 that another movie would avoid the same release date. So, though attempting to make more money, changing the release date for that reason alone is a dangerous game. I agree that there's problems/it's not ready.I've also heard that they don't want it coming out at the same time as Daniel Radcliffe's NY run of Equus because that's not a family friendly image, but that could all be speculation/nonsense.
| 23:27 EDT, 18 Aug, 2008
I heard they want to capitalize on the same weekend next summer that Dark Knight captured this summer. I think any time a studio delays it means the movie is having problems...bet they have to do some reshoots or rewrites...something

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