Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 18 "Suicide is Painless" Review

Tonight was a very emotional episode of Grey's Anatomy and we as viewers got to take a little bit of a look into Owen's war past. The title brought the issue on whether or not it is ok to let someone die if they are in such much pain they no longer want to live.

Owen fought hard to find some sort of alternative for a cancer patient of Teddy's that begged them to help her die. It kept jumping back to a similar senerio Owen experienced with the loss of one of his close comrads. This episode definately touched on a difficult topic that is very controversial.

There weren't many other stories happening tonight which was alright since this one was a good one. We did see Torres finally confess to Arizona that she desperately wants children and Merideth gets angry with Derek for stealing one of her surgeries. I really do not like seeing Derek in the chief role and much prefer Richard, guess we will have to see if that changes. And at the ending we see Teddy finally caving into Sloan and they hookup! All in all a great creative and dramatic episode.



Mar 26, 2010 1:55AM EDT

The Episode Was B O R I N G...This episode was definitely the most boring episode of season 6 so far

Mar 26, 2010 2:21AM EDT

i agree with Karthik287, also where were alex and lexie?

Mar 26, 2010 9:51AM EDT

My guess is i think this was the episode izzie was supposed to return and wouldve had a storyline involving the three of them and since they decided she wasnt required last minute they'd've had to cut that storyline all together

Default avatar cat
Mar 26, 2010 12:16PM EDT

We saw a brief glimpse of Alex and Lexie in the surgical room that was being run by Richard but that was all. Guess the producers didn't feel they fit into this current storyline...but ya I am wondering if we are going to get a n Izzie return? Anyone here any whispers?

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