Bones' Rationality Falters

This episode was not a bad one, but there was something that continuously bothered me throughout the episode:

The fact that Bones was so set on informing Sweets about Daisy's supposed affair.

Bones is a rational person and is continuously telling her coworkers not to jump to conclusions in the cases that they work on, yet she does exactly that when she sees Daisy trying on wedding dresses. The fact that Booth thinks that it could be infidelity makes sense because he often does jump to conclusions in his line of work, but Bones assuming that Daisy is cheating without investigating the facts makes no sense to her characterization what-so-ever. I do feel, though, that her determination and decision to finally tell Sweets was in her character. Her view on psychology and her belief that if people choose to be monogamous they should be honest, makes sense rationally, just not the way she finds out about the supposed infidelity. I don't know how anyone else feels, but it was a pretty big flaw in the writing of her character for this particular episode and I hope they get it right in future episodes.



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Apr 16, 2009 12:44AM EDT

Maybe she jumped to conclusions because she hadn't had that type of experience herself. You know, the trying-on-a-wedding-dress-for-someone-else experience. Maybe she didn't consider all of the possibilities because she didn't know that they actually existed, since she has never gotten married before. Just an idea.

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Apr 16, 2009 1:07AM EDT

Yes I agree with lemondrop. But ultimately, the writers made her take that standpoint for the payoff at the end; where she admitted that she sometimes felt jealous <- a revelation that may not have occurred had she not been put in the situation with Sweets.

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Apr 17, 2009 8:52PM EDT

I dont think the writer's justified enough why Brennen would ever jump to the conclusion that Daisy was engaged to be married and having an affair with Sweets on the side. Was it not a case of conjecture? Something which Brennen disregards vehemently. Admittedly to me...if I had seen Daisy I would have thought it was fishy but for Brennen to believe it after one sighting, Sweets suggesting that brides often release their stress by having intimate relations elsewhere and Daisy cancelling on Sweets...I feel the logical Brennen would have required more evidence.
Yes, she could have said to Sweets what she SAW...Daisy with a man at a wedding dress shop but instead she was Daisy's fiancee without any proof that it actually was.

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Apr 19, 2009 10:50AM EDT

Exactly what I saw when I watched that. Even a person less rational than Brennan would not jump right away and assume it was Daisy's fiancee. It was just bad writing, as I said before.

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Apr 19, 2009 6:07PM EDT

^^^ Lol, yup...I did mean to agree with you...reading over my comment I realise it made it sound like I was almost disagreeing! But I do agree with all the points you states :)

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Apr 20, 2009 9:22AM EDT

lol I saw that you were agreeing with me, don't worry. And I can somewhat see what the other commentators were saying about Brennan not having that experience and being jealous of everyone, but the writers could ave led up to that in a better way. If they wanted it to appear that Daisy was cheating on Sweets, they could have simply found a reason for Sweets to go into the field with them and have HIM see Daisy and right away assume that. Through that experience, and him maybe talking to Brennan, would possibly then lead to her realizing that Sweets still doesn't look at relationships the way she does even though he is a psychologist and she assumed he would not be terribly hurt. There are a ton more ways of writing it so that Bones is still who she is while she still learns a little about monogamous relationships and what they truly mean to most people. Thanks for the comments everyone! I love discussing things like this! :)

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