Pushing Daisies

(Warning: First review so won't be the New York Paper standards)

Pushing Daisies. It's funny, whimsical and just a tad bit ironic at times. It usually does the same thing at the beginning, like a schedule, not too close to it as to make every episode the same, but just enough for you to sit down and prepare yourself for that bit you always love the best.

First, a narrator/pilot (depending on what you want to call him) shows you Ned when younger and (I especially love this bit) tells you exactly how old he is. And then it gets on to the story.

The thing that always gets you is the plot. It isn't the usual 'I hate you because you (A) broke up with me, (B) Killed one of my family or friends or even (C) you owe me money. Instead it is quirky and often a little odd which just makes it more interesting.

But it's not only about Ned being able to "touch dead things and make them alive again" it's also about a love square (no, not a triangle) Chuck likes Ned but so does Olive. Ned likes Chuck while a strange pharmacy businessman tries to show his affection to Olive by doing little jobs for her like fixing the Espresso machine. But while life seems commplicated as it is, Complication then piles more on by the fact that Ned can't touch Chuck so they have to use gloves to h old hands and kiss with glad wrap in the middle.

And then there is Emerson. He appears to dislike Chuck as she devvles in his business (is devvles even a word?) and that business is having Ned ask dead people who killed them and how before plucking the reward. It's rather amusing as his mystery unravels because he knits and (WARNING: spoiler) has a daughter they havent met.

And Ned is in the middle of all this, slowly adjusting to a world where he actually has relationships as when nine, he killed Chuck's father and his own mother by accident so he sworn never to have relationships again. Unfortunately he can only keep dead people alive for one minute before someone else has to die for them.

So Pushing Daisies is a brilliant show so you better watch it!

Hope my review was good for a first timer.


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