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Sea Change

My favorite episode is season 2 episode 25 "Sea Change". I just love leo (cleo&lewis) my favorite couple used to be rikki and zane but now i think i lyke leo better. But sea change is my favorite because lewis breaks up w/ charlotte (haha in your face evil mermaid! lol) and he gets back w/ cleo and i thought it was soo sweet of Lewis to come and save her. Leo 4ever!!!


| 16:34 EDT, 19 Aug, 2008
| 22:33 EDT, 08 Aug, 2008
u know it!!!!!!!!!!!11
| 16:49 EDT, 08 Aug, 2008
haha thats okay zikki sounds kinda funny haha but i lyke it and yea tell be bout it zane is sooooo soooo soooo HOT!! haha
| 14:42 EDT, 08 Aug, 2008
I love Lewis he is a really sweet guy but Cleo just gets on my nerves she complains way to much. Even though if they split up i would totally cry for three days. But Rikki is my favorite mermaid and Zane is sooooooooooooooo hot and soooooooooooooooooooooo sweet you know what I'm saying ( i like the name leo it's cute but i still like zikki more :) sorry
| 21:51 EDT, 05 Aug, 2008
haha i used 2 2 HEHsportsfan52 but i seem to have lyked cleo and lewis more latley dont kow why i mean i cnt stand cleo in season 1 but in season 2 they are adorable!
| 11:29 EDT, 05 Aug, 2008
I totally love Lewis and Cleo together but no affense I love Rikki and Zane together like forty millon times more
| 13:58 EDT, 04 Aug, 2008
haha i dont everyone has there own oppinion! anywayz i rlly lyke leo haha its funny cuz i am a leo!
| 21:07 EDT, 03 Aug, 2008
Ilovevolleyball, don't feel bad by gabbybrony's COMMENT!!! I think that the nickname is cute, they did that 4 Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron 2! iT'S On a poster. Sea change and the finale r my FAVS
| 21:02 EDT, 27 Jul, 2008
first of all i think nicknames for h20 couples is stupid no affence and i think rikki and zane are better than cleo and lewis again no affence.
| 20:01 EDT, 26 Jul, 2008
you can also call zane and rikki zikki
| 00:54 EDT, 26 Jul, 2008
One of my faves too!

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