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Season 3 opening and preview!!! CHECK IT OUT(:

okay so I got bored (as always.. lol) and i decided 2 c if i culd find ne other updates 4 season 3... quess what?? word is that australia has officially released episode 1 of season 3!! YAY!!!! but unfornuately the videos arent ne where on the web:( or atleast where i can find that is.. but i did find on youtube an official season 3 music trailer and a preview of the first episode "crocodile tears"!!!! season 3 is said 2 b realeased in the USA in october?? can ne one confirm that 4 me?? plz and thanks and enjoy the videos!!!!!

Music Trailer (Indiana Evans is signing the song)

"Crocodile Tears" Preview Clip

Credits go to(:

thepaintedworld (posted the trailer)

renanziito (posted the preview clip)

^^ thanks guys ur the best and just possibly saved the lives of many young teenagers(:


| 15:25 EDT, 22 Mar, 2010
all of the episodes of h20 season 3 up to 17 are on youtube

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