Kitchen Nightmares "Hot Potato Cafe" Season 3 Episode 1

Well tonight I couldn't help but laugh at this episode just for the sake of how frustrating it must be yelling at someone and getting a deer in the head lights look from not one but three owners of a restaurant called the Hot Potato.

On top of that, you have three women that recommend all sorts of dishes that don't even have potato in them. They deffinately were past the point of saving especially with their niece as the head chef with no culinary experience and no interest in even being a chef.

However, Ramsay did his job and brought life back to the restaurant. I would however as a viewer enjoy more updates on how the restaurant is doing. It is always so positive. Ramsay is a great chef but he can't be responsible for how they are doing after he leaves so if they want to say they failed, I wish they would.


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