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Phineas and Ferb ROCK!!

haha i LOVE phinease and ferb! and yeah i know its kinda weird since im a 14 year old! haha but its an awesome show! its full of immagination and adventure. But there is one thing that gets under my skin about this show is that candace can NEVER bust the boys! but i think perry is ADORABLE! lol hes got the cutest face i think its really cool that he is a secret agent! ne who GREAT CARTOON!!!


| 02:23 EDT, 03 Sep, 2009
oh please, I watch it, I'm eighteen. lol... the humor reminds me of family guy kinda... except clean! it's the perfect cartoon! XD
| 21:59 EDT, 29 May, 2009
hey sonzizzle you spelled it rite.i lik phineas he is sooooooo cutewho agrees???
| 12:53 EST, 28 Nov, 2008
my 2 year old son loves Phineas and Ferb, and I don't mind watching it with him (and I'm 27). However, I am quite irritated at the fact that we can't get him any P&F toys for Christmas cause there aren't any, anywhere! (not even onlilne). Not even a Perry the Platapus inaction figure. Grrr!
| 19:30 EDT, 08 Aug, 2008
Perry rocks!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree Doofenshmirtz's (i hope i spelled that right!) voice is hilarious!!! I love this show it is funny.
| 17:07 EDT, 06 Aug, 2008
haha i kno! tell me bout it!! haha and hes lyke "Perry the Platapus" his voice is hilarious! haha but its also kinda funny cuz almost every invention he names it ends with anator! haha its lyke for instance my invisibleinatoranator! haha I LOVE PERRY!!
| 10:33 EDT, 05 Aug, 2008
OMG! Perry is my fav character in this show!! hahah! I'm the same age and I always find it embarassing when some1 asks me "u actually LIKE that show?" but yeah i do. I also like that villan guy, he always says: "Perry the platapus?" in that funny way it cracks me up. GO PERRY!

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