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It's too good to be true that Clark really wanted the world to know who he is. If it's too good to be true, he'll find away to travel back into time and fix it, one way or another. It's getting old. It was cool when he first did it for Lana Lang but it has gotten way out of hand with this. It's season 8, they need to move on. So far the worst episode ever, but it's another clue for Clark and Lois, I guess is the only good thing about it, and Doomsday. I wonder how many episode are they going to do with Clark and Lois love life...


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Mar 16, 2009 1:23PM EDT

i think you are being naive. The episodes also showed Clark how important it is to maintain a dual identity, as well as the fact that davis bloome has gone beyond the point of no return, as he just killed someone, a.k.a. linda lake, and the only person visiting her was Davis, so the staff would soon find out that he had murdered, hence he chucked his antipsychosis pills away. I thought the episode was great, but what i hated was clarks i dont have time for this attitude, and going back in time without listening to what lois had to say about davis. Also with the Clois, Remember, clark is going to disappoint lois, and end up falling for her, but lois will move on and fall in love with superman, as in the movies, but then again Smallville mixes the story up in its own interesting way.

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