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epi 11

First, thanks for posting so fast, monday morning, 5h30 it was there.

I've watched episode 11 and I was a bit disapointed. Like most of you, I thought the breakup between Bette and Jodi was toooooooooo long. And what was the idea behing the fact that they were dressed alike. Tina is a very good player in that game. I'm a TiBette fan, and I missed some action between those two. I enjoyed the last scene when Bette ask Tina if she wants to come home, the eye game was incredible. But before that, I felt bad seeing Anjelica playing with the gun. Bette was right, when in episode 6, she told Kit she didn't need a gun to feel safe. I don't think she felt safe seeing her niece with it in her hands...

On the other hand, I felt very distressed for Jenny. She's not my favorite but there's a limit a being bitchy with someone. IC get rid of Adele. but first, make her have a taste of her own medicine please. I also still don't know what to think about Nikki. Like Molly was saying to Phyllis, maybe Shane is not the most educated one, but I think she's the most human. What a great friend she is.

About the Tasha/Alice story. Hopefully those two will go far with their new romance. I hope Clea is not gonna interfer between them. I love that couple, They are both so sweet and so cute.

I can't believe that is already the last one next week. I'll be missing the girls that's for sure. Season 6 better be good.

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