Criminal Minds Spin off

Is it just me or did the spin-off episode suck? The characters were to self richous, boring and well to be honest uninteresting and unattractive. More than that; this whole season has been awful, with the exception of the one episode Matthew Gray Gubbler directed. The episodes have been boring with killers that are completely uninteresting. There hasn't been any real character progression or profiling, which was what made the show great! Instead of diverting their efforts into a new spin off with crappy characters they need to put the effort back into making the REAL CM great again.


Default avatar cat
Apr 14, 2010 7:39AM EDT

I think you're right it wasn't the normal, perhaps traditional, CM that we are used to, but I'm not sure it is wise to completely rule it out just yet. It looks as though it is gonna be a completely different type of cop show as there was maybe only one person in that team who was a profiler and the others were either army or criminal (I can't remember what the girl was). Either way I think it has potential in that it looks as though it could be a lot darker and not so much by the book catching of killers. I personally wasn't expecting much from characters anyway since it is this new type weird mix of two shows, if they had just done an independent pilot then maybe we would have had a better idea of who they are.
In short I feel they are just using the name Criminal Minds and that, whilst it will be trying to get into the minds of the criminals, it won't be from the theories that the normal criminal minds use but from other different ways and that reality it is its own distinct program using the Criminal Minds franchise.

Default avatar cat
Jul 16, 2010 12:29AM EDT

If theres no Reid why would I even watch??? lol

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