Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 5 "Invasion"

It's great to see something exciting happen in Grey's Anatomy, adding lots of new faces into the show. Sometimes a show can go stale, stretching stories amongst characters making it become dull and boring; however, a merger with Mercy West and Seattle Grace has created much friction and interesting new characters.

As for Torres and her new found love with Arizona, it was nice to see her actually stick up for what she feels and believes about her new relationship with a female. Her father is definately traditional in his beliefs and even brought a priest to see her, to help her with what has evolved in her life.

I couldn't imagine the feeling of disappointment when your own parent would go to that extreme to make you feel like you have sinned to that extreme. I hope he comes around. You can not help but root for Arizona and Torres in this show, especially after the devasting relationship and loss she experienced with George.


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