Too Little WAY to late?

For those of you following these discussions.. you know that I've been critical of SGU after about show 4. Way too much soap opera and way too little action/adventure/scifi.

Then comes along show 10. The first 3/4 is absolutely soap opera crap, the last 1/4 is more true SG. I suggest fast forward to the last 1/4. I feel it's too late for me to hang onto the SGU series. Are you going to hang on or move on?

For those of you who felt was the only SG worthy character was Rush....what do you think now. Were you cheated?



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Dec 6, 2009 9:24AM EST

Well ofcourse rush is going to use that alien ship somehow or he'l turn in to a bad guy but í will a least watch it until the end of this season just because i'm an optimist(i hope they all die) god i'm really hoping the atlantis movie wil be good, i need my dosis of good stargate.

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Dec 6, 2009 3:32PM EST

Ugh, I actually hope that they use this as a way to kill off Rush. He is SSSSOOO annoying. I mean, I thought Woolsey was annoying, but at least he was comical. Rush is just annoying and a douchebag! I'm also not a huge fan of this show. They definitely took this show in the wrong direction. It doesn't need to be the same thing as the previous two SG series, but they've completely lost the whole central message of the Stargate world. I mean, there aren't even any cool evil aliens! Sigh....I think I'm gonna give up on this show very soon.

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Dec 6, 2009 9:34PM EST

Rush was the only character i really liked, everyone else is just boring, with the exception of maybe eli. But other than that the show is just way to dramatized and soapy. But as a huge fan of the SG series i'm willing to watch the next few season to see how it gets.

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Dec 7, 2009 5:33AM EST

Rush will be back. He'll fix the ship, or some aliens will find him or whatever, but he'll definitely be back. They can't very well kill off one of their two (count them: one, two) tolerable characters.
This episode was decent, in terms of entertainment. Still annoying and contrived, with not a trace of the fun and thrills we've come to expect from SG shows, but at least it didn't bore me. Much.

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Dec 7, 2009 11:43PM EST

I am always at a loss at the way people look at shows. I did not like Rush, and found his character to be one of the worst the show had to offer. I would not like him gone as he is a decent antagonist or someone to keep everyone guessing. He served a purpose and I am absolutely sure he will return. However the shows best character, hardly. He was tolerable and necessary in the scheme they put forth. I would even say the actor portraying him does a good job, because he is easy to hate, really easy. If he were in my life in someway I would not trust him in any way or want to be around him. I say that means the acting is good.
Which leads me to the question, why do so many people like bad guys, and root for them. What does it say about our current world that bad guys are the ones people love to watch. I do not get it. It is like watching the news which is full of bad things and people love to watch it? For me watching the battle between good and evil and hoping good wins is fine. It may not always happen, but I can always root for good. I do not know if the commander is good or not, but he was more concerned about others than Rush was even concerned with himself. I will watch more and let the show unwind. It is too early to really know where they are going with this, but they have tons to explore. I find it very entertaining and worth watching.
SyFy has few and far between good shows to offer, but when they get a good one I really enjoy it. I wish they had picked up Terminator The Sarah Conner Chronicles and given it there best effort. The show was tailor made for the SyFy channel. Characters, chemistry and story make a show, the action and special effects, well that is just icing on the cake. I really enjoy Universe and hope it has many years to come.

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Dec 8, 2009 8:16AM EST

"I do not know if the commander is good or not, but he was more concerned about others than Rush was even concerned with himself."
The commander? As in, Colonel Young? As in, the guy who beat up a civilian and stranded him on an barren alien planet where he's almost certain to die of whatever kills him first (thirst, probably), and then went back to the ship and lied to everyone? That guy? You don't know whether that guy is good or not?
Yeah, I guess it can be hard to tell, seeing how polite he is to most people. When he's not killing them. Or using their bodies in unauthorised ways. Or cheating on them. For all we know, he could be a stand up guy.

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Dec 8, 2009 9:51AM EST

LOL.. ratings droped to 1.34m live+sd

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Dec 8, 2009 6:01PM EST

Yea thats the guy. Sometimes leaders do drastic things to keep everyone safe and alive. Was he right to do it, was it the best thing to do, was it in the best interest of the crew? Well we don't know. However, he was willing to put his life on the line in several other episodes to save others and Rush, well we all know what he has done, tried to save his own skin before thinking of anyone else. Even when he talks of saving energy and getting people home, it is all about him first. For a TV show I find it very good twist, to have a bad good guy, or is it a good bad guy. Maybe Rush and Colonel Young are just to much alike? All I do know is Rush is, for me, my least favorite character. I still think he is necessary and he will be back, I am sure of it.

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Dec 8, 2009 6:58PM EST

"Well we don't know."
I think we do know. It was revenge, pure and simple. It was tantamount to murder, and it seemed premeditated.
I'm stunned by how many people seem to not realise just how heinous a crime Young committed there, but there seems to be a correlation between that viewpoint and disliking Rush.

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Dec 8, 2009 9:52PM EST

Wow...I had NO idea so many SG fans are hating on SGU until I started reading some reviews, etc. I, for one, LOVE Rush!!!! He's that genius you can never really figure out - never really sure what his agenda is and I think he adds spice to the show. I really enjoyed how the last episode aired as well. There aren't really any characters that I disapprove of. I'm not crazy about the senator's daughter or Ming Na's character either. I tend to find her annoying. I would like to see more of Telford and even O' Neill (but then who wouldn't want to see more of O'Neill?).
I don't really see why so many people hate the show. I understand everyone's viewpoint on WHY they think the show stinks and I do agree with some of it. But right from the start we were told that it would be very different and darker than Atlantis or SG1. The latter shows were very entertaining with lots of action and comedy and sci-fi but even in their most serious moments (save when Carson died, and when Daniel had his sarcophagus breakdown and a few others) there was still something fluffly about it.......not sure how to explain myself properly. It always had, in some ways, a family oriented feeling to it whereas SGU feels completely opposite. And this is why I like it! It feels much more real to me (as real as sci-fi can be). Many are complaining about how it's too slow, not enough action. Well, SGU is taking you through the lives of these people on relatively a day-to-day basis. On SG1/Atlantis I got the feeling that between episodes there could have been several days or weeks that possibly went by inbetween. And is it not impossible to conceive that what is taking place on SGU might be much more relative to actual time in that there isn't a crisis EVERY day, or an alien encounter EVERY day? To expect that is paramount to expecting the teams from SG1/Atlantis to not want to wake up in the morning in expectation of something bad happening. I'm not saying the people behind the show shouldn't change or fix a few things but I like how they've tried to make it feel much more real and despairing.
I am a fan of this show and look forward to the next episodes. And even though many have said they think Rush is annoying, I've heard many say the same thing about Rodney MacKay and he rocks!! The show would be much worse off without Rush. Anyway, this is my opinion and I can only hope the show keeps going to see what the people behind the show will do with it. I HATE when a new show gets canned after one season because it doesn't get a fair shot at developing and changing the things that are not working for it. That's what almost happened with Seinfeld and what a loss that would have been! One of the best comedies ever.

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Dec 9, 2009 12:25AM EST

GLA13Asylum : sorry :( according to the actors, the stargate atlantis movie is prob not going ahead

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Dec 10, 2009 6:29PM EST

I think the show is entertaining and fun to watch, I have no real complaints at all. I did not want a replica of some other show. I like what I've seen and it never occurred to me that it was going slow. I like character development and story. I hope to see more and I hope it gets even more intriguing. To each his own. There a lot of shows I can't stand and I am shocked at there success. That's why there are so many different kinds of shows. I do find that shows that make you think, tend to fare worse than ones that are all up front and shallow, audience wise. Not a hard and fast rule, but it seems to be more than not in my humble opinion.

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Dec 15, 2009 9:23PM EST

LOL Xanxei... I LOVE your comments! xD

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Jan 16, 2010 9:02PM EST

I gotta say I wanted them to go in a new direction for the sg series but this is way to much of the crappy drama seen in BSG. I enjoyed the first season of BSG but after that it just seemed to drawn out and overall a slow story line and I'm afraid SGU is going along with that.

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Apr 2, 2010 2:09PM EDT

Honestly I have never seen so many people bitch... no one is ever happy, if the show gets cancelled (which by god i hope it doesn't) No MORE SG full stop and then your all screwed. The series hasn't even gone past the first season half way point and you all wana kill it off before it even has a chance. I guarantee at least half of you have had shows that you liked cancelled by the networks b4 they could even go anywhere and you where all pissed. Until this season is over you should all cram it in my option i really am sick of people saying its to slow after alll the senseless crap they keep pumping out (vampire diaries being one of those Ghost Whisperer ect). I am kinda glad they took a new direction. Yes its slow in the action up take and i would be lying if i didnt say i agreed there, but for the love of god man its not even half way through you have no idea what they may have in store and to be honest it's not like there was no action full stop. They have just swapped there priorities for a while and i dont think its a bad think to give us charca background or to build something new from the ground up. If by season two nothing major has happened then please by all means hang Brad Wright for all i care, but the one thing i cant stand is when people condemn things before they even given them a chance to develop. To little to late you have got to be kidding me its only had 11 ep !!!!!!. Also this come from a person who has watched and enjoyed all the SG series god. SGU deserves the right to develop and the right to change with out people going ape s**t because someone didn't get blown up by some earth defying alien. Relax, take stock and chill before you start bitching.

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Apr 2, 2010 6:59PM EDT

So what you're saying is half a car wreck is better than no car wreck? Please.
We're not screwed we'll move on. This show will peak the interest of some but there are plenty of sci-fi programs worth watching. SGU is not one of them.
We're not whining we're giving our opinion which your welcome to do, just the majority of SG watches think SGU is bunk. You don't realize that they taped Season 1 and 2 at the same time so I find it highly unlikely that they are going to make any changes.
SGU is bunk, we all know it, now move on.

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Apr 3, 2010 4:54PM EDT

Well for a start you cant have half a car wreck and I am pretty sure your opinion is slightly over the top. The show was never bad to begin with and i am pretty sure there are a lot of people who would agree, the show changed slightly get over it. Really I am not here to start some mini blog war but i do find your view of the show amusing. "Bunk" I have no idea as to what that is, but i will say that just because they don't have one off ep with meaningless story plots where people keep getting attacked does not mean its bunk (and before you get your pants in a twist I loved and watched to the very end every SG episode so don't even go there). I also don't think BSG would have got far if that were the case either.
That said I find it even funnier after watching fridays ep that your views seem even more sour. The show is taking a slightly slower pace thats all. For god sake its not crap you your self said you enjoyed a few ep so you are just gripping for the sake of gripping. I get it, its not the same it has really diff elements but your opinion is unjust and very biased. When it is finished and has all of its cards on the table for us all to see then you can bitch till my tits drop off. Till then grow up a little people don't do book reviews on books they have half read nor on films half watched. So please just relax people who give off negative views constantly just put people off watching stuff with out giving them chance to decided for them selves.
They haven't taped the second season as of yet, they are waiting for the response of season one, they have the script ready.
Also not at any point do i disregard anyone's opinion.. I welcome them, so you can stop acting like i do. You don't speak for the majority of SG watchers so i would stop acting like you do for a start and i doubt most of them think the show is "bunk" lol sorry but thats not even a good slang word. "Merrrrrrr" would be a way better way to express your dislike (has a better impact).
Also if SGU is not worth watching then don't watch it but trying to act like your opinion is valid is not gona happen, also it undermines your opinion when the show gets good ratings and reviews from magazines and blogs. I have looked at your posts and you have been boycotting the show from the start so i take your opinion not only to be the most biased but also the one to be most full of crap.
Right nuff said i think i got a bit to carried away at the end but i still stand by what i said until it is finished everyone should reserve judgement or not watch it, as we just dont know what could happen (and for sftech unless you can send me an official print off of the script for the rest of the season and next then I suggest you keep it shut about knowing what will happen) I am not saying compliments shouldn't be allowed but I do thinking condemn things before there done is flipping annoying.

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Apr 5, 2010 7:53PM EDT

Patrice CThere’s an old saying that opinions are like ***holes, everyone’s got one.
Frankly feel free to express YOUR opinion but it doesn’t make it right (or wrong) it just smells different—get my drift? We agree, I admit there can be no half a wreck so I'll come out and say SGU is a total wreck.
BTW- I didn’t say I watched Friday’s show did I? So spend more time reading and less time assuming (I think there’s another saying in there—try to figure it out). I just saw it an hour ago, mostly in fast forward mode. What I said still stands. SGU is not true to the SG franchise, I don’t need to wait till the end of 10 more crappy shows.
My opinion is shared by many loyal SG fans.I see several SGU sucks sites so are they all over the top?The SGU ratings stink so is the lack of viewers over the top?There is comment after comment condemning the crappy soap opera feel. Are they all over the top?

SGU is a soap opera in a tin can. There’s about 40 minutes of the show in a 60 minute slot, 30 minutes of soap and 10 minutes of action. That’s not the SG that I want to watch. So if you want to curl up with a large tube of buttered corn and eat away for 60 minutes of bunk go ahead, I really don’t care.
Since you don’t know what “bunk” is and are too lazy to look it up:

You state “Everyone should reserve judgment or not watch it—don’t worry with the ratings not that many people are watching it.
Now get back to kindergarten and leave the TV reviews to adults.

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Apr 5, 2010 8:20PM EDT

Patrice C
Let me respons with some facts to your guesses and OPINIONS.
1. "Viewers have only seen half of Season One so far, with the back ten set to air beginning April"
SO YOU'RE WRONG SEASON 1 SHOWS (1-20) ARE ALREADY TAPED--NO CHANGES.Like the first 10 they're LIKELY to be soap opera--how do I know see #2.

2. "The producers of SGU promise that the second half of this season (Season2) will deliver on the things fans are wanting most: aliens, space battles, and a deeper look at the men and women who populate the Destiny"
SO ALL OF US FANS THAT ARE OVER THE TOP that you ridicule (look it up if you don't know what it is) have made an impact on the show.
We're so over the top they're changing the show, to give us what we want...action instead of soap.

In my OPINION:1-2 were good3-10 were 90% soap opera with 10% action (not worth watching)11-20 more soap with some action21-30 same as 11-2030-40 more action and less soap (hopefully)

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Apr 29, 2010 8:53AM EDT

I'm slightly amused that no one is bringing up the fact that the Destiny is being run as a military dictatorship. The guys with the guns are in charge. No one else gets a look in. It's not a military operation - they were there to guard the scientists, not to rule over them. Col Badass put himself in charge - his soldiers are the second, third and fourths in charge after him. He has the guns. Is this really a metaphor for the way we are heading?

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Dec 7, 2010 2:10PM EST

Reading these comments I must be the only peson watching this show that loves it. Granted it is slower than SG1 and atlantis, but it has more realism. Not every show end with a last minute save, they have no back up and are in the far flung reaches of the universe. They've hadf to deal with the obvious survival problems (hence titles of earlier shows such as air, water etc). And finally when aliens show up they are just that, Alien.

As for only one or two good characters I have to disagree. Colonel Young has found himself in a terrible position and is trying to make the best of it with what he knows. Rush is selfish and wanted to be on Destiny from the start. Now that we know what Destiny's mission is there is that added curiosity to the show. Eli is awesome (you are here!!). Chloe's is now going down an interesting route and I'm looking forward to seeing how this story line pans out (if this were Atlantis she would have been cured in the same show, like Shepard when he was turning into a wraith like being in season 2). And of course Grier, the hilarious bad ass seargent!!

It still lacks in stuff that makes the usual stargate frnachise awesome i.e. epic space battles, aliens, the humour of the likes of Jack O'Neil etc, but it present a darker side to the SG universe and explores in more realism how the situation affects people. It much slower paced than I'm used to with Stargate, but I love the show and hope it continues (as i write thsi I'm wondering where tonights episode is, i hate breaks!!)

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