Law and Order Biased as Hell

I'm a pretty easy going and I know shows like to distribute their pro whatever policy,


L&O Fed takes it to the extreme. They bust some guy who they make out to be an anti-government loon with a drum of rat poison (probably not illegal to have). They associate him with the Tea Parties. Then have his gun toting buddies attacking the police station.


The tea parties (I didn't attend btw) were about Americans VOICING their concerns to the members of congress/senate/government. I didn't see anything violent at all.


The anti-war/ anti-bush protests in San Francisco had example after example where they destroyed cars, threw fire bombs, fire extinguishers, etc. I haven't seen any L&O episode about that.

I know they'll say it's only a show and fictional but when you're biased all the time frankly you suck. The show (as is any show) has to provide entertainment value, not political appeasement.

I'd say the same thing about any show that pushed the other end of the political spectrum, if there was one that is....


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