Curtains Drawn On Prison Break With The Airing Of "Killing Your Number"!

Hey friends! So our favorite show Prison Break finally came to an end. The final episode of Season 4 which also served as the series finale was aired on 15th May, 2009. The two hour long special episode marked the end of the conspiracies, the fights for survival and the struggle of a brother trying to prove the innocence of his sibling. I must say that the great show received a befitting ending.

I am sure that none of you must have missed the series finale titled Killing Your Number where we saw Michael and Lincoln taking a final stand for their freedom as they confront Christina and The General, before Christina is killed at the hands of Sara. The brothers are saved from being killed by The General due to the timely intervention of Kellerman, Sucre, and C-Note. After Scylla is handed over to the authorities, everyone starts leading a normal life.

Then the characters were shown living their individual lives, four years ahead into the future and in the final scene we saw all the characters, including Michael and Sara's son Michael Jr., together at Michael's grave, who is reveled to have died some time ago. The episode as well as the series ended with everyone walking away.

No one had thought that a show about sibling love which forces one brother to commit various crimes so that he can prove the innocence of his wrongly convicted brother would become such a huge hit among the audiences. But then perhaps Prison Break was liked mainly because it focused on strong family ties and relationships nurtured in love. Personally I feel that during its four season long run, every episode of Prison Break was worth watching.

There were numerous subplots and supporting story arcs, however Prison Break never deviated from the main storyline which remained focused on the struggle of two brothers who set out to correct the wrongs done to them by the government agencies. And towards the end of the series we saw the brothers finally getting justice and being able to lead normal lives. I am surely going to miss Prison Break but I am happy that it ended at a high point and was not dragged on pointlessly.


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