Murder mystery seals First season of 90210

The CW's famous show "90210" completed its first season on May 19, 2009. The season finale was entitled "One Party Can Ruin Your Whole Summer."

The episode mostly revolves around the after-prom party eagerly awaited by the youngsters. Naomi asks Annie to take the charge of the party as she gets a text about Ade being in labor. She even apologizes to Liam for leaving him like this. Suddenly Jen comes in and introduces herself as a neighbor, Zelda. Naomi remains with Ade till she delivers the baby.

Later on when she comes back, she goes in her bedroom to finds Liam buttoning up his pants and an unmade bed with a black wrap on the floor. Naomi tells him that she doesn't want to see him again and goes out. And then enters half naked Jen who tells Liam that she is Naomi's sister. He gets shocked to know this.

Naomi straight away goes to Annie, thinking that she is the girl Liam bonked.

As usual, Annie is clueless but Naomi holds up black wrap which she found on the floor in her room for Annie to see. Annie then expresses her ignorance saying that she was not even present there as she had to drive Phoebe home and knows nothing about the matter. Naomi makes a scene as she doesn't believe Annie. READ MORE...


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