Stalker of America�s Next top Model Creator Is Punished!

So finally, 39-year-old Brady Green who had been stalking the host and creator of America’s Next Top Model TV show, Tyra Banks last year, has

finally been punished for his crime. Green had caused disturbance in the life of Tyra by threatening her staff, sending flowers to her and following her across the country. Tyra had later expressed fears about the safety of her family, fans, staff, and herself during a trial in NYC.

Green had been arrested at a McDonald’s situated close to Tyra’s home in Manhattan, in March last year. At that time Green had told the police that he had a relationship with the former model. However, he has now stated under oath that he was merely trying to acquire the tickets for her show. He also confessed that he had taken a bus ride that took him almost half way across the country, to follow Tyra. Well, seemingly the guy was really desperate to get the show tickets from the host of America’s Next Top Model herself, rather than buying the same from an easy source like ebay! READ MORE...


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