Final Twist in the Prison Break Show

The curtain was drawn on the one of the most popular series, Prison Break this month. Season 4 finale Rate of Exchange/Killing Your Number was aired on 15 May, 2009. It was a special two hour episode. The finale stunned all the fans, for nothing as was expected, happened in this last episode.

In the finale, almost all the familiar faces were there to help Michael place Scylla in proper hands and to bring the Company down once and for all by putting together all pieces of the puzzle, besides overcoming numerous hurdles to achieve their sole destination: freedom.

The universal desire of all the fans of Prison Break was to see Michael and Sara walk hands in hands to a happy life ahead. But perhaps the creators thought otherwise. Anyway, to culminate the show which boasted of such a gripping and thrilling story, with a conventional happy ending, would not do. ReAD More...


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Jun 3, 2016 12:51PM EDT

i thought it was sad that michael died after 4 years.. i saw the nose bleeding at the end and i knew it wasnt good. Its a different ending than from other series where it is always a happy ending. Now they gave us a happy ending but also a realistic end for the leading roll (michael) for him to die because of his illness that wasnt 100% cured by the company. Apperently his operation didnt go so well like his mothers, cause she lived to a way older age that he did. But in general i thought it serie should of ended with s3, cause s4 had just to much situations where i thought WTF? and so many question marks with stuff that i dont think it was real or possible in a normal universe where we live in.
But the concept and idea was done well of Prison break by having scylla in it. all with all i love prison break and i think the serie had a very reasonable ending:)

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