Seaon 2: Tudou links- not working

As stated above most episodes only have a Vids link, which is pretty shady or tudou links. The tudou links on the other hand doesnt work, and if you manage to find one that does its only half of an episode.

Where did all the 56 links go? Atleast they worked, even if they loaded slow.



Default avatar cat
Feb 24, 2009 7:55PM EST

My advice to anyone who wants to watch the first 5 season of CI or first 7 or 8 seasons of SVU is to get a Netflix account. It'll cost you a little bit of money ($5-15 a month), but in addition to the disc borrowing part of it, you also get unlimited instant viewing of 1000s of movies and shows, including SVU and CI. The picture quality is quite decent, and the speed is wonderful. It's my favorite way to watch videos and movies.

Large good to be queen
Feb 25, 2009 2:51AM EST

Tudou links work if you change the programs/view/ part of the URL to /v/ instead.
For example, becomes which redirects to a full player for the link. It's an odd change to Tudou's formatting that gives a 403 when the links are still valid. Unfortunately, SideReel still has heaps of the old format.

Default avatar cat
Feb 25, 2009 9:56AM EST

Yeah I've also had problems with tudou links recently.
Thanks queen I'll try out your method later :)

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