Are we not ready for some juicy homewrecking already? Yes, Stacy did a little of that with Spiedi but that couple is old, no longer interesting, and borderline fair looking, not to mention the nonstop boring drama...

whereas, AUDRINA and BRODY are both smokin' hot and their romance is budding over sparkling cocktails at snazzy clubs - that's the way to live. The best part about it is that Brody has a girlfriend, who is so insecure she invests all her time in shameless PDA and paranoia over Brody talking to other girls. I don't believe there is a shot of her smiling or having fun unless she is making out with the poor man. That kind of behavior is what makes pretty boys like Brody become player players. He will slowly but surely realize how desperado she is...

On the flip side, Audrina is starting to rebel against her feelings for Justin. After he rudely walks away from her after Audrina's "crazy in love with you" speech, you can see a distinct difference in her demeanor. (with the help of little birdie Stephanie who constantly whispers dumb advice in her ear) You can tell Audrina is ready to do something wild, something hurtful to Justin, something that shows that she doesn't care.

Now the stage is set. Two fatally attractive people are fatally attracted to one another. The devils will come out to play in Hawaii and as sweet Audrina puts it in the previews.. bring on the war!


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