DSS, drama at its best. Gossip Girl 4.28

Is orange the new black? Opening with a shot of everyone disheveled over studying for the SATs, Chuck stands connivingly behind a pole in his inmate jacket offering cash to another private schooler for what he hopes will turn out to be a good SAT score. This contagious color then finds itself on Serena's fun biker gloves. Sibling bonding?

Must be, since Chuck seems to have flipped a new page. He not only lets her confide in him after she finds out G is back in town but he also volunteers his humble services when she loses her judgment hangin' with her old pal again... and again. Why do we love him then? In his selfless acts, he manages to stay a prick, kind of like House. Sexy.

So, have you noticed that Serena is never around anymore when Blair spins her wrath on the meeker lives within her castle? I guess it is just easier for Queen B to recuperate from her temporary fall when her angelic influence is not around. B's army, so easily taken away from her by freshman Jenny, joins rank again as she plots against Nelly Yuki, a stereotypical stellar student who is a threat to Blair's chances at Yale. An accomplished student and musician vs. the bitch who hasn't touched a book since the show started. Tough one. So she takes the batteries out of Nelly Yuki's calculator at the site of the exam... its a multiple choice test, she's Asian, let's go with the stereotype, she'll manage.

So Vanessa's back, we missed her. Since she's developing a fast friendship with Nate, how is little Jenny going to use his companionship to win back her "friends?" Per the look on Dan's face when he sees Nate and Vanessa together, old loves die hard. As his immaculate relationship with Serena hits muddy waters, is it in Dan's distant future to fight Nate for yet another gorgeous girl?

Let's talk about Georgina - the name so ominous to the Gossip Girl clan that Chuck is even haunted by it. Evil becomes her, black hair, anorexic - why does she contact Serena for her coming back party and not Blair? Since the whole business with Nate has blown over, Serena receives another potentially combustible reminder of her past in the nick of time. Oh Serena... we don't need to mention how her street smarts has plummeted ever since she became a nice girl. Now that we know who the cliffhanging "G" is from last episode, we can happily wait for the deep dark secret to get revealed in the next few episodes. Any guesses?


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May 4, 2008 4:17AM EDT

my guess is a sex tape, pornography! episode 16, wait for it

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