i bet im not the only one to think that season 5 should go for 22 episodes and not 15.i mean honestly, who can stand the wait??

season 5 started off like crap but i think eden and that psycho bitch ex-agent makes it more fun/thrilling.i like it that eden is evil, and i want to see her do more evil things.just not too evil. if one of the main characters died it would just devastate me, and would probably make me bored of the show. Another idea would be to have her partner up with kimber.i enjoyed that scene with them in eden's first porn flick.

i want to see more of matt.poor matt actually.coming to think of it. He has been taken up the ass,metaphorically speaking ofcourse.

and where's sean having sex???miss the days when he had sex with the kimber doll.i also love it when he is playing difficult.just like when eden flirted with him and he hesitated at first.

im happy christian cant keep his willy in his pants, and finally sees julias just like he always did,not more. although i enjoyed his and julias little thing, i dont think i would be comfortable if they took it too serious. that would mean julia and sean would never stand a chance in being together and that christian would stop the quickies xD

sorry if im crude nip tuckers.just speaking my mind:)


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