Stargate Atlantic Remnant


I thoroughly enjoyed this week's episode almost as much as I enjoyed the episode where Dr McKay had an alien induced form of alzheimers. It was a thoughtful exploration of the struggle in contemporary society between choosing the life of an unborn baby and that of stem cell research. Originally, I was rooting for them to just use the information they found rather than allow the alien species to have a dim chance at survival. Afterall, it became increasing apparent that many chances for the species had failed and I doubted that it would work this time.

The second reason I wanted them to take the information was that they were aliens. I didn't care a wit about the potential lives of some aliens. I cared more for the lives of the people here and now rather than some aliens. If killing off a race happened in the process, then so be it. I believe that sometimes during extreme circumstances, such as in a time of war, it is warranted to take somewhat extreme circumstances.

This may surprise many of my friends. After all, I am a prolifer 100% and suppose a complete ban on all abortions, including cases of rape and incest. However, through this episode, I was able to sympathize with the other side and for the first time, appreciate the arguments that I have heard time and time again. Of course, as the episode progressed, I began to consider the ramifications of taking the information to the aliens. Furthermore I found the alien speaking to Mr Wolsey very sympathetic. If only the unborn could speak to us like that.

I hope that others will go through the same mental journey, if only a few, and be persuaded to save the life of some children.


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