Make Adjustments, Go Get It Energized!

I thoroughly enjoyed this week's episode of HIMYM so I'm gonna post my first 'review' here! It's not really a review but some recap of the awesome moments in this week's episode.

First off, I must admit that I'm not a fan of Joanna Garcia after watching her in that crappy series called Privileged and recently, in an episode of Gossip Girl as a cunning Southern rich girl. Maybe it's just me but her acting can be over the top sometimes and she always plays the perfect girl in an annoying way. And if they had revealed her character more earlier on (a marine biologist by day and mentors inner-city kids by night), I might have just written her off right away.

But in today's episode, I'm glad her character Maggie, while being central to the plot, did not take centre stage. I like how they merely used her character (the never once a single woman type) to make Ted realize that he is finally ready for the 'real thing'. Its funny how Maggie did not utter a single funny line, except maybe if you consider her calling Marshall 'Vanilla Thunder' funny. Also, there might not be any significant Mother development here, but it sets the tone alright. So overall, I'm glad Ted didn't end up with Maggie. She looked bored with the gang. Had she lingered any longer, I doubt Lily would have passed her on the Front Porch test ;)

The other storyline, with Marshall looking through his old items and to do list by 30 was also worth a mention. I have never done such lists but they remind me of a grander version of my annual new year resolutions. And ohmygod, Young Marshall with a rat tail, in that stone-washed overalls and listening to Snow's Informer while completing his homework is so classic! Brings back memories of Marshall in his Fiero - all geeky and sincere. I also love how Marshall and Lily's story provided the other emotional element to this episode. Marshall: So long as you’re married to Lily, you’re doing just fine. Aww.

And the final story (well, not really), was Barney's 'Challenge Accepted' running gag. The scene of him wearing the overalls over his suit and justifying it (they are, afterall, overALLS, not overSUIT, heh) made me burst out laughing for a few seconds. And I also enjoyed the dynamics between Barney and Robin, as Robin tried twice to stop him from getting laid. This is so much better than the weird dynamic between the two ever since they got seriously together and then broke up (side: I am a Barney/Robin coupling fan, btw).

Alright, enough lengthy talk. Here are some of the best quotes of the night:

The first scene was totally Robin-can't-tell-a-funny-joke-funny. "What’s in the box? WHAT’S IN THE BOX? Right? Brad Pitt. Seven? Nothing? Yeah I’m the jerk." This woman is an under-rated comedy actress.

Then Barney's boob size gesture gave me a tickle. “Tell me when to stop.” Oh, Barnman.

New HIMYM terminology: The window is open. Or. I got in the window. Haha.

Barney: Hey (to a woman at the bar).

Robin: Oh, he's not talking to you. He’s just telling you what he feeds his horsies.


Marshall: Erm..I don't think 911 takes requests.

Horny Robin is funny. "I think I just peed in my pants." "Aww, man. Look how filthy I am. I’m just a filthy, filthy girl…you like that? Ooh."

Marshall listening to "A licky boom boom down". (That song was used for my college mass dance!)

Barney: I'm your bro. Ted: You're an animal!

Ted (running through the streets): I hate Barney Stinson. Stranger: Me too! This was so random but hits the spot.

Neil Patrick Harris is a superb actor even without saying anything! Him unbuckling the right strap of the overalls and walking to the old lady's apartment is just so hilarious.

And...future Marshall can time travel! Hee.

Oh and on a last note, Lily is finally not irritating this week. I love her hair too.


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