Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 12 "The Debarted"

A great mid season finale of Gossip girl where we finally get to see the end of the damaging relationship between Serena and New Yorks new mayor. After a horrible accident where he leaves her and takes off, you can't hate him for what he did.

I am sure we are all rooting for her to be with Nate. But we will just have to see in the upcoming episodes if that is where it leads.

We also get to see Chuck's new mature side that has him turn to his girlfriend Blaire rather than his normal behaviour of shying away during any tramatic event. Since it was the year anniversary of his father's death, it was good to see him make it through.

I can not wait for the next episode this season. There is hope that Vanessa and Dan will continue towards more then just a friendship. A cameo would be nice to see of another famous star since Hillary Duff is no longer on the show.


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