Why dos it takes so long

Why dos it take so long between the episodes. I mean the last one was october 11th and it is about three weeks later another episode comes along. why is that, also in sonny with a chance, they started in febuary and now it is november what is that about they didn't even air through october. Why?

And also dos anybody know how many episodes there is going to be in both sonny with a chance and J.O.N.A.S?

Please anyone fill me in..


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Nov 7, 2009 4:57PM EST

Since both the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato are busy with multiple other projects, like touring and filming Camp Rock 2, they don't have the time to film their TV shows that often. So what Disney does is, they film a whole season at one time, and then they periodically air new episodes throughout the year. If they were to air a new episode every week, there would be an even bigger gap of time until they started airing a new season.

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