Hi im not even sure if anyone still chechs this site but im gonna take the chance. Im a big fan of witch, well maybe not big but a fan I bought the magazines or at least some of them. Some i missed and now I regret that very mutch. So can anyone update me. Lately ive had this urdge to read it again but my sister through all the magazines out so ive just been watching the show on youtube. And something confuses me, how can there be videos with cornelia and caleb scating with taranees big brother when it comes mutch later after what season 2 ended with because ive heard the show was canceled. And if thats the case why was it canceled. Is it still on if it is where can i see it and why didnt they take the chapter with caleb turning into a crystil rose. big fan of cornelia so mutch info as possible here im dying.

im probaly rambling but please some answers would be great.


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