Veronica Mars: My Opinion

i must say that i love this show but there are some details that i cant get over

you can say that this may be a spoiler for those that have not see the whole series so if you have not then proceed with caution.

- from her graduation there's about i would say 200 seniors in VM class. now out of those 200 you can estimate that there have been about 20-30 deaths. now what i want to know is know is how do so many people die when they're in high school? in my school there are about 1300 seniors and only 2 have died :( there are so many corrupt people around VM its a wonder she has serious trust issues. and for those people that like logan i dont see how i mean sure he's sweet and has a bad boy side (a big side) he's pretty much a slut if i may say so, you can tell that they (VM and LE) werent meant for each other.

im kinda glad that this ended at three seasons cause frankly i dont like where its going. season one had its twists and turns and so did season three but it felt like they were running out of ideas and potential scenarios.

i love Veronica Mars, but im also looking foward to watching Kristen Bell's other work such as Heroes and watching this makes me like her more.

i reccomend this Show to anyone that like a little mystery and a hint of romance/Drama.



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