WEEDS “To Moscow, and Quickly” Review

                                                             Weeds Season 6 Episode 9 - To Moscow, and Quickly

WEEDS "To Moscow, and Quickly" Season 6 Episode 9 - Silas and Shane are in charge of selling hash for the day while Nancy and Andy take Stevie to a doctor on the "To Moscow, and Quickly" episode of WEEDS. I had the chance to preview the episode, and I think it’s one of the season’s better installments with some interesting plot development and character interaction.

After Nancy and Reverend Andy get the family run out of Frontier Town on a rail, they apparently meander through Nebraska for six days before ending up somewhere in Colorado. Nancy’s still in an unhappy and disinterested haze, which only starts to break when the reality about what this endless road trip might be doing to Stevie is made clear by a "stupid old man doctor." Nancy really has avoided dealing with Stevie as much as possible this season, either as part of her overall malaise, her preoccupation with getting away, or even some conflicted feelings over Stevie himself, so it’s good to see Weeds deal with that head-on in thisepisode while giving Mary Louise Parker a chance to really shine.

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