Pretty Little Liars Season 1 Episode 5 "Reality Bites Me" Review

Well this show has definately taken off and has definately become very addicting for a summer series. Pretty Little Liars has drama, suspense, and is highly entertaining. And in this particular episode Jenna is still the prime suspect. The girls decide to unblock A's number just in time to get a video sent of them in Spencer's Closet.

Now I think that we can all agree that we are falling in love with the teacher, Mr. Fitch, who in this episode invites Aria to his short story reading at the town bar, which has been advertising Ezra's prose all over the Web, catching the attention of Fitch's college BFF Hartie. Hartie pounds beers and laughs about the good old days when he and Ezzy used to sleep together. But only after a pause did he admit it was in bunk beds. Dating a teacher? Not such a good idea.

Hanna ups her sleuthing skills to discover that Jenna wears jungle red lipstick and sees a therapist practicing out of a storeroom. She takes advice from her mother to never let a guy get away, even if it means joining a celibacy club with him. All in all tonight was pretty descent. It was one of those episodes that sets the stage for a possible thrilling episode next week.


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