Criminal Minds Season 5 Episode 15 "Public Enemy"

This episode draws a thin line of disturbing and grotesque. Definately not for younger viewers. When a troubled younger man from a past life of abuse starts murdering (knifing) people in public places.

However, if you are a die hard fan of the show, that is the kind of episode you love. You can not help but root for the team and hope that they catch him.

The episode gives a history and motive to the crime. This episode was well thought out and well dialogued. It did give me goose bumps all over to think that you could be sitting in a pew and church and you are not even safe.

It doesn't lead to a continuing episode however none the less creative and edge of your seat explosive.


| 21:08 EDT, 18 Jun, 2012
*definitely Grammer aside, I agree that this wasn't a good one for younger viewers. However, I'd argue that pretty much none of the criminal minds episodes are for young viewers. I love the show but they are all rather gruesome and this one was actually one of the less disturbing ones in my opinion.
| 12:02 EST, 12 Feb, 2010
thanks for the comment mitchamann tv is definately changing....but they did give a warning, I am just wondering how many parents actually didn't pay any attention to it.
| 16:27 EST, 11 Feb, 2010
One of the best so far, but i agree not for the younger viewers. I think it really says something about how far some will go to justify their selves.

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