Chuck: "Chuck Versus The Couch Lock" Review

Chuck Season 4 Episode 5 - Chuck Versus the Couch Lock

Oh, Chuck, you had me at "Dead Man's Party." You see, Oingo Boingo is my all-time favorite band. So when you play them in the midst of one of my favorite TV series, how can I do anything but have a great time with the episode? 

I promise though, it wasn't just because of hearing Boingo that I enjoyed "Chuck Versus The Couch Lock" so much. I feel like this was the first time a Casey-centric episode was a true home run for the show, which has had mixed results when focusing on the (rightfully) beloved character in the past. I do wish the episode simply had more time than it reasonably could to show Casey's history with this pseudo A-Team from his past (played by the impressively cast trio of Eric Roberts, Joel David Moore and Batista), simply to show them before things went sour between them, but still, it's always nice to get another piece of Casey's backstory. And at least the flashback we did get had more of the always-enjoyable super-conservative Casey (which goes hand-in-hand with Adam Baldwin), as he mentioned Bill Clinton, noting, "I may not like him or his mouthy wife," but still insisting orders are orders. 

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