CASTLE “Anatomy of a Murder” Review

Castle Season 3 Episode 5 - Anatomy of a Murder

An extra body is found in a coffin as someone tries to find the perfect way to hide a murder. The method of the slaying suggests that the woman, a doctor, could have possibly been killed by one of her co-workers. But there’s a lot to the saintly doctor’s story and Beckett and Castle have quite the time tracking down all of the clues. First there’s the fact that the woman was a concierge doc to a former drug dealer, then that she was acting as an informant for a man working in the DA’s office. Finally the evidence points straight to a nurse who was using every doctor in the hospital to help him get his girlfriend out of jail. When the two are caught after a brief moment on the run, it looks like they’ve got their man. But in another twist it turns out to be the former drug lord’s brother. Thinking he was protecting his brother, the man killed the doctor when he spotted her meeting with the man from the DA’s office, not realizing she wasn’t betraying his brother at all.

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