'The Event': A tale of two series


"The Event" got some good news Monday (Oct. 18) -- it's been picked up for a full season. We hope that means the show can more confidently plot out its season and lead to better stories down the line.

Any difference the pickup does make, however, won't show up for a while. As for the here and now, "The Event" is starting to feel like two wholly separate shows. Each of them has its compelling moments, but the two primary stories don't have a lot of connective tissue between them at the moment.

One show -- the one that took up the bulk of Monday's episode, "Casualties of War" -- has the president of the United States dealing with a rogue alien (and after what we saw tonight, that seems about the only explanation, right?) demanding the release of the rest of his people. President Martinez and Thomas have a phone-call standoff over whether Thomas will give the Avias passengers an antidote to stop whatever it is they're suffering from and whether Martinez will free one, some or all of the Inostranka detainees.

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