'Chuck': John Casey IS the A-Team


"Chuck" takes a break from relationship angst this week to give us a Casey-focused episode that is the funniest one this season -- while also keeping the search-for-mom storyline moving. Nice trick, that.

Team Bartowski is still on the hunt for Frost/mom, and Chuck flashes on three of Casey's ex-special forces cohorts (played by Eric Roberts, former WWE champ Dave Bautista and Joel David Moore) who may have had contact with her. Casey put them all in prison in 1999 after they went rogue on a mission inside Iran, but they promptly escaped from a maximum-security stockade ...

"And disappeared into the Los Angeles underground," Chuck helpfully adds. "You ever see 'The A-Team'?" Casey: "I WAS the A-team." It's the first of many brilliant lines and actions by Adam Baldwin on the night (see more below). Chuck devises a plan to stage Casey's funeral, doping him up so he'll appear to be dead. It of course goes sideways, and Chuck, Sarah, Casey and Morgan -- yes, Morgan -- end up back in Iran.

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